Removing Apps from Google Play/My apps

When an Android app is removed via Settings/Apps/[App]/Uninstall, it appears that the app remains in “My apps” of Google Play (

To remove the app from Google Play:

  1. Open the Google Play application on Android
  2. Click to open the menu from the top left
  3. Select “My apps”
  4. Select the “ALL” tab
  5. Navigate to the uninstalled app, and click on the “X” at the top right.
  6. Choose “OK” to “Remove [App] from my apps?”
  7. The app should be removed from the My apps list online after a few minutes.
  • This was tested with Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000, running slimroms Android 4.3.1 build 2 on 2013.11.14.
  • If there are multiple devices with the same google account, the above procedure would remove the app from the online My apps list even though the same app is still installed in the other device.

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